Health, Financial and Personal Services Benefits

With a number of wholesale benefits to choose from, it’s easy to create a personalized program.

Hand-pick the benefits best suited for your audience. Clients can leverage our programs to meet their goals in:

  • Customer or member acquisition
  • Retention of customers or members
  • Revenue generation
  • Membership rewards
  • Enhancement of existing benefits

Enhance an existing consumer program, offer a membership benefit as a reward, or build a product that meets a specific customer base’s needs with our wholesale benefits. We offer the option to private label or co-brand.

You select the benefits and manage the creative marketing efforts. We provide a dedicated account manager to provide a single point of contact throughout the history of your account. We strictly adhere to regulatory requirements and provide premium customer service, retention, fulfillment and billing.

You get the advantage of our regulatory licenses and compliance expertise, opening up new possibilities for your program. But at the same time, you control how you market your products — without the same legal restrictions you’d face if you were to do it on your own.

Our wholesale programs offer you a way to provide a customized program and professional administration using a simple per-member/per-month fee structure.

For New Business Inquiries, Please Contact: Mike DiVito, VP-Business Development Email Address: mike.divito@coverdell.com

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Personal Services Benefits

Offering unique benefits can increase customer satisfaction and provide added value to your benefits program. Choose from travel and online personal service benefits options.

Emergency Travel Plan

  • 24-hour access to multilingual representatives available to assist with travel-related issues
  • Emergency legal assistance
  • Emergency message service
  • Insurance coordination
  • Lost baggage
  • Passport assistance
  • Travel agency services

This benefit is not available in Florida, Connecticut or New York.

Travel Plan / Hotel Discounts

  • Up to 50% discounts on regular room rates at thousands of participating hotels and motels across the United States
  • Discounts on car rentals from participating national rental agencies

GuidanceResources® Online

Members have access to online information and tools to assist with issues of their choice — from home repairs to financial planning, buying and moving into a new home, and continuing education.

Financial Services Benefits

Managing finances is one of the biggest challenges our customers face in day-to-day operations. Financial services benefits can help alleviate many financial and legal burdens.

Legal Counseling and Referral Plan

  • Referrals to a staff of expert, licensed attorneys exclusively dedicated to consultations over the phone
  • Free consultations with local attorneys
  • 25% discount in fees for representation

Financial Counseling and Referral Plan

Provides referrals to a staff of expert financial counselors exclusively dedicated to providing financial advice over the phone. Experts include Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) and other professionals.

Fee Negotiation Service

We are dedicated to finding payment solutions that work for both members and health care providers.

Our advocates specialize in negotiating with hospitals, urgent care and surgical center billing departments. We work to lower the patient’s responsibility on bills that exceed the specified threshold.

Identity Theft Protection

Members receive a comprehensive plan to protect them from identity theft and credit fraud.

In addition, members receive up to $25,000 of identity theft expense reimbursement coverage. The insurance covers expenses associated with identity theft and identity restoration at no charge.

Health Discount Benefits

Physician Services Plan

Provides referrals to qualified, credentialed physicians through a network of over 350,000 general practitioners and specialists with 5%–40% discount on fees.

Physician and Facilities Plan

Provides referrals to thousands of qualified, credentialed medical facilities and physicians nationwide with discounts of 5%–40% on all services.

Prescription Drugs

Members save an average of 20% on most brand name and generic prescription drugs, and 15%–50% on mail-order prescriptions. This plan is offered through a nationwide network of pharmacies, including major chains and local pharmacies.

Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements Plan

Members save up to 30% off catalogs, plus an additional 15% on already-reduced prices when shopping online.

Complementary/Alternative Medicine Plan

Provides referrals to and 20% discounts on services from credentialed alternative medicine practitioners including acupuncturists, massage therapists and nutritionists.


Members receive coverage through a network of licensed audiologists nationwide, as well as a 10%–20% discount on hearing aids, a free annual cleaning and a free inspection on hearing aids purchased through the program.

Podiatry Plan

Members receive a 50% discount on the initial exam and 20% on all other services and products from a network of more than 3,000 podiatrists.

Medical Records Plan

Members have access to securely stored health information and documents including medical conditions, allergies, medications, emergency contacts, physician contacts, insurance information and advanced directives such as living will and organ donation authorizations.

24-hr Nurse Helpline Plan

Members have 24/7 access to a network of registered nurses specially trained to offer prompt, confidential medical counseling over the phone.

Senior Care Search Service’s Discount Network

This service provides access to over 3,000 highly qualified medical providers of long-term care services. These network providers offer savings ranging between 5% - 30% off the standard fees.

Online Personal Health Improvement / Wellness

Members may use an online program to customize wellness plans, create health goals and track exercise, nutrition and personal improvement.

LASIK Network

Members save 40%–55% on the average charge for LASIK eye surgery at 450 participating provider locations nationwide.

Diabetes Management

Members receive home delivery of discounted diabetes testing supplies with customized plans. Members also receive a free glucose meter, 50% discount on retail costs, and free shipping. Medicare beneficiaries pay up-front or out-of-pocket expenses.

Medical Supplies and Equipment Plan

This plan provides Internet access to order a wide range of durable and disposable medical equipment and supplies.

Cosmetic Surgery Plan

Members receive free consultations and discounts on elective cosmetic procedures from a nationally recognized network of board certified surgeons.

Patient Advocacy Program

Members receive guidance in selecting a participating health care provider to ensure the preferred provider acknowledges the member discount and charges the appropriate fees. This benefit is not available in California.