About Us

A Full-Service Marketing Services Company

With more than 50 years of retail marketing experience and 20 years of administering insurance and membership programs, Coverdell services more than six million individuals across the country today.

Committed to providing quality products with outstanding service and significant savings to our members, we are a licensed third-party administrator, licensed insurance broker and licensed discount medical plan organization (DMPO).

Coverdell & Company, Inc. was founded in 1963 to market guaranteed-issue insurance products to customers of financial institutions. In 2005, Coverdell & Company merged with Discount Development Services (DDS), a provider of health discount and affinity membership programs with capabilities to provide complete administration of insurance and membership products.

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June 16, 2017: Carefree Dental is featured in Forbes 



  • Multi-channel integration
  • Forward-thinking strategic planning
  • Cutting-edge digital marketing automation


  • 50+ years of marketing
  • 20 years in administration
  • Award-winning customer service

Trusted Partners

  • Financial institutions
  • Insurance carriers
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • National brokers

Regulatory Compliance

  • In-house legal and compliance
  • Compliance in all required states
  • Founding member of the Consumer Health Alliance

Our Leadership

Coverdell’s innovative professionals have extensive experience in direct marketing, consumer services and health care. Our executive team drives Coverdell’s success.

Vincent DiBenedetto


Michael Westwood


Mike DiVito

Vice President, Business Development

Daniel Del Monte

Head of Digital Marketing

Vickie Mellon

Chief Customer Experience Officer

David Putman

Chief Operating Officer

Sarah McCabe

Chief Information Officer

Coverdell Company Timeline

  • 1964

    Coverdell & Company founded in Atlanta

  • 1995

    DDS/Best Benefits founded in Chicago by Vincent DiBenedetto and Kathy Lannen

  • 1998

    Coverdell & Company acquired by another company

  • 2000

    DDS/Best Benefits acquired by the same external company

  • 2002

    Coverdell & Company and DDS/Best Benefits are integrated by the external company and renamed Coverdell in 2005

  • 2007

    MemberWorks Canada added to Coverdell

  • 2007

    One Equity Partners, Rho Ventures and Brencourt Advisors acquire the new company

  • 2018

    Arthur J Gallagher acquires Coverdell and Coverdell joins Gallagher Affinity